Frequently Asked Questions

A: During and after development Football Director is extensively tested on many different platforms, devices and configurations. We can’t test them all however and there will be certain circumstances that may cause Football Director not to run correctly. Before writing that 1* review please consider closing any unused applications or re-starting your device. Should the problem persist please get in touch with us here and we will always help to try and diagnose the problem.

As you play Football Director, you make it your own. Each time you start a new career, all player statistics, youth players, staff statistics and competition draws are dynamically generated and are then unique to your career. Need a bit more realism?.. Give the Edit Mode a try out.

Player ratings in Football Director are dynamically generated at the start of a new career and are not intended to exactly replicate real-life counterparts. Any one of the 20,000+ players in the Football Director database can have a career vastly different to real life. During your career as director of Football, player ratings are continually affected by the daily activities, anything from a bad lobster lap dance, heavy tackle or injury can change a players ratings for the worse (or better).

Football Director isn’t meant to be! We fully acknowledge there are more in-depth Football Manager games out there, Football Director is fundamentally designed to give football fans a casual dip in and out of the football management world without having to invest precious life hours into making progress.

Contact the developers

Please consider getting in touch with the team at Sports Director with any ideas or feedback you may have positive OR negative and we will always listen and try to help out. It’s always possible a bug or problem will arise that we haven’t spotted so feel free to tell us about it and improve the game for you, the Football Director.

If you want to directly report or discuss a bug or hardware issue associated with the installation and running of Football Director on PC, Apple iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod), Android phone or tablet and Windows phone, please get in touch.

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